The first care home in Rajasthan for HIV infected and affected children

The Aashray Care Home was established in 2006 by the Positive Women Network of Rajasthan. Harassment and stigma issues necessitated starting a residence for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. Schools were not admitting them, house owners were not renting out houses to them and they could not be found any place in our National Flagship Programs designed for child survival and protection.

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The Aashray home is a home for HIV infected and affected orphan children who have been rejected by their near ones due to discrimination, death of a parent, or their family┬┤s financial problems.

The mission of Aashray Care Home is to nurture the dreams of children. Our vision is to let every HIV affected and infected child live with dignity and courage. Children here are redesigning their dreams and aspirations through community involvement and participation.

Our aim is to provide care, protection, love, and development for the HIV infected and affected children living at Aashray Care Home. Presently, there are 35 children between the ages of 3 to 18 years residing at the care home. Read more about our children.

The care home is managed by the women of the Positive Women Network of Rajasthan. Additionally, several of the children's mothers and a number of volunteers oversee the daily duties of the care home. There is a total of seven staff members, four of whom are paid. These individuals function as educators and guardians for the children.