"The saddest day of my life was when my parents got sick. The happiest day of my life was when I moved to Aashray Care Home" - Poonam, 12 years old

When Aashray Care Home was established in 2006 there hardly was any community support or visibility of HIV infected children. Fundamental rights of children - Right to survival, right to development - to education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities were often violated. Our years of hard work has influenced the government and private sector to initiate programs for these children. Now these children have better place to live and receive basic health care and quality education.

Increase in donations, volunteers and social acceptability can be a good parameter for our hard work and dedication for the cause. We are known globally now and have volunteers and interns from all across the world like Finland, Austria, Brazil, France etc.

The road ahead is still very long and much more to be achieved

  • Global acceptance of the Aashray children
  • Improve the health care facilities with modern technology and facilities
  • Job opportunities for Aashray children who are educated and adults now
  • Increase financial incentives for the staff working with us
  • Increase visibility of people living with HIV
  • Generating support mechanism for HIV affected women.

"In Aashray all the kids are living like a family and children also exhibit their preferences freely in the Aashray Care Home" - Swaroop Jangid, Age 19 years, former care home child.

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