Press Release

14.1.2015 HIV positive women and children face discrimination in Hospitals

8.2.2013 Seeking a permanent home

Elyse and Bec, our volunteers collected funds for the future Aashray Care Home from their friends and their relatives in Australia. Sunday, 27th January 2013 was held the inauguration of our own land at Nevta village in Jaipur district. The children were happy as they were on the verge of getting a new permanent house. Click here to read more about girls. 

12.6.2012 Orphans have right to education 
Schools were not willing to admit one orphaned child of a 3-years-old from our child care home under RTE act due to it mandatory for all to produce income certificate, caste certificate, BPL card and birth certificate. By the effort of Sushila Marothya, district education officer, Jaipur had sought guideline for the government on what documents orphans shall produce to get the benefit of RTE. A letter was written to the primary education department on 18th April 2012. They reply was positive and our orphaned 3-years-old boy got admitted to a private English medium school in the next academic year. Click here to read more.


23.11.2009 Being part of society

We had Diwali celebration with the students of St Anselm´s, MSMSV and Sanskar schools. Click here to read more about the gala evening. 

7.2.2008 A mother to AIDS orphans

Two years after Sushila Marothya formed the Positive Women Network in Rajasthan, she became mother to 10 HIV orphans. She was determined - to raise them, provide them education and help them lead a normal life. She wanted to send them to school, but no school would admit them. People would tell her to stay away from such kids. Click here to read more about our beginning.