Our Children

Aashray care home is a residential care home with 35 children between the ages of 3 to 18 years. We have 13 girls and 22 boys. The children have come from across Rajasthan - from Jhunjhunu, Churu, Udaipur, Barmer, Jaipur, Jalor, Kairoli, Sikar, Chittorgarh, Alwar.


Most of the children have lost their fathers. Fifteen of the children have their mothers; however in most instances the mother is either very sick or living in absolute poverty conditions due to neglect or abandonment from the home of the in-laws and parents.


We are home for children in special needs, some children are living with HIV. Most of the children have acquired HIV from their HIV-infected mothers during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. We take children to SMS hospital every month to receive Anti Retroviral Therapy (free of cost) and to have additional blood tests. Our children living with HIV are under daily medication. HIV can not be cured but by regular check-ups, nutritious food, and good hygienic environment our children live long and healthy life. Our children do all of the things other people can do: go to school, exercise and work.