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Aashray Care Home
316-Rani Sati Nagar,
Nirman Nagar,
302019- Jaipur

The information supplied online on this application form will be used to evaluate your suitability for volunteering for Aashray Care Home and help us to arrange a placement that will best suit your skills and needs of the work.


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Aashray care home encourages all individuals to complete this application. The details given in this form will help to ensure a placement is successful and enjoyable for both the Volunteer and the Charity


Volunteer placements are not subject to necessary skills, qualifications or experience, although any expertise shall be put to good use. All we ask is for Volunteers to understand the need for flexibility, commitment, and the desire to find satisfaction and enjoyment in a challenging environment.


Please do not hesitate asking us for any questions or problems you may have or want to know more details. We are always happy to take your calls or answer any questions. We have brought this work to this stage only with support of our volunteers by fund raising and publicizing this work and its needs. We hope and look for your support to carry it forward in same way to help us in this endeavour.

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