Aashray Care homes for children and women provide very special and unique opportunities to volunteers from all over the globe. There are hundreds of volunteers from various countries who have visited us during the last fifteen years since inception, have been with us and doing various social service activities and networking for the well being of Aashray care home children. There are a variety of works for the engagement of volunteers in which volunteers could contribute and engage themselves in the Aashray care homes. Few of the activities are mentioned here:-

Social marketing of Aashray craft products

As part of skill enhancement training programmes for care home women, we are creating a variety of hand made craft items which include hand stitched bed sheets, pillow cover, bags, mobile covers, wall hangings, other stitched items and handmade jewellery, like bangles, ear tops etc. 100% of the money received by way of selling these products will go in the caring activities of Aashray care homes. buy products.

Aashray Care Club Member

There are opportunities for volunteers to get associated with the Aashray care homes and become the members of Aashray care home. These club members could participate in the brainstorming sessions and also take responsibility to guide, supervise and monitor Aashray care home projects. As a member of the Aashray care club, you will get the opportunity to represent Aashray care homes in your locality and organize campaigns on behalf of the Aashray care homes. Apply here to become an Aashray club member.

Fund Raise/Donation Support

There are various development projects which Aashray care homes create from time to time, these projects are available online. Volunteers could take the responsibility to publicize these web links through social media and individual contacts and ask for contributions for these projects. Click here to participate in an online fundraiser for Aashray care homes.

Training & Sensitization Programs

Aashray care homes have digital classes at all three care home locations. Volunteers would arrange various hobby classes online through these digital classes. Volunteers need to book the appropriate timings for these online classes here. Once booked the online class, the Aashray care home management will look into it and confirm the booking depending upon time slot appropriateness and suitability of the class topin for Aashray care home children and women.