Why Donate to Aashray Care Home?

The HIV and AIDS epidemics are leaving millions of children to struggle without their parents. HIV affected orphans often lose much more than just a mother or father. Many of them end up being the head of the household and are forced to give up attending school. Orphans are sometimes denied access to school or healthcare because of the stigma surrounding the disease, while also losing the support of extended family.  

We do everything we can to ensure our children are feeling secure, loved and healthy and that they gain valuable and applicable skills for responsible and independent adulthood.

The money that you donate goes directly towards staff salaries, living expenses, school fees, food, clothes, hygiene and medication. By donating to Aashray Care Home you can bring our children closer to a dignified life.     

As a small charity, we depend on our donors and we want to interact with them as much as possible. To give you an idea of where your money would be spent and what we need to achieve our goals, you can follow us on facebook There we are updating our current needs. Small donations are as valuable to us as larger donations.

Donation to the Care Home is exempted under 80(G) of the Income Tax (50% tax Exemption). All donations are accounted and proper receipts are issued promptly.