While getting to know the children and their needs I learnt about difficulties they faced, like the lack of parental support. I was happy to be a “didi” (means big sister in hindi) for 30 children. A “didi” who gives hugs, plays and fights for their rights. And every time I’ve been with my little ones, they have treated me like a “didi”.

Volunteering from: Sep 03, 2011 to Dec 20, 2011 and Sep 03, 2012 to Apr 25, 2013

Volunteering our time at Aashray Carehome has been lifechanging for us both. The happy, caring nature of the children and carers is so beauttiful, and helped remind us of the important things in life. By spending quality time with everyone at Aashray, we’ve been able to familiarise ourselves with the children and develop a relationship with each and every person involved. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience and we now regard Aashray as a a second home.

Volunteering from: Nov 29, 2011 to Dec 15, 2011 and Jan 1, 2013 to Feb 16, 2013

I spent one month in the care home of Positive Women Network of Rajasthan society. They were all so nice and so worried about me feeling good all the time! They all made me feel a part of this big family! It was a great experience! I have been doing some house working, some teaching, some cooking, some playing etc For me and since then, I truly think that giving your time to others while your traveling is the best way to meet people, to discover a culture and to be helpful for some people who needs it in this disturbed and unbalanced world where we live in. I will remember this experience all my life and I hope I could, some days, come back again to help then in the everyday life!

Volunteering from: Apr 8, 2012 to May 15, 2012